Church planting is hard. There's a lot to do. That's why we created PlanterPlan™, an online tool to help you start a new church or secondary location. How? By keeping track of all the details so you do the right things at the right time. Why? So you can focus on people, ensuring everything you do contributes to unleashing God's blessing on your church plant.

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Allowing you to focus on what's most important: People

Try Before You Buy

While PlanterPlan is just $149*, you may not be ready to pay. That's okay. Create an account and work through your Phase 1 tasks before deciding to upgrade. This phase will help you affirm your calling to plant, develop a training plan, start a prayer team, and more. It's a great way to try before you buy! Then when you are ready you can upgrade to add additional tasks to your project to walk you all the way through launch.

Since PlanterPlan™ is a complete rewrite of our previous software, Converge, we're still making improvements on a daily basis. We really believe PlanterPlan™ is a huge step forward in online project management for church planters. Nothing is like it. The software itself is only half the magic. The content brings the tool to life.

The Tool

PlanterPlan™ is an online church planting app that includes a content library (more on that below). The tool itself is an easy to use web app allowing you to keep track of everything that has to get done to launch a new church or new location of an existing church. You can assign tasks to team members, track overdue tasks, and the most fun part... mark things complete! It works in all major browsers on any device including mobile devices.

The Content

What really makes PlanterPlan™ shine is our recently upgraded and ever growing library of tasks that most church planters will need to do to start a new church. These tasks answer the question: What should I be doing today if I want to reach lost people and launch a healthy church? Start with a basic church planting or multi-site project and then customize it with additional tasks for your specific context. Each task has a detailed description to help you actually get things done. Many come with training videos, worksheets, templates, and clear step-by-step instructions. You'll never be left wondering what you can do to launch a healthy church. Our library is appropriate for both starting a new church, and starting a new campus or location for an existing church. Your project can focus on either option.


Milestones bring clarity of purpose. By grouping similar tasks together you'll gain efficiency of effort and more importantly, answer the question, "Why?" Each Milestone brings you closer to Launch.


Roughly 400 tasks in our standard project plan help you do the right things at the right times. You'll apply each task to your specific planting context to launch the church God called you to plant.

Action Steps

Action steps answer the all important question, "How?" Breaking tasks down to simple steps (often including worksheets, samples and links to get more help) ensures you set yourself up for a healthy start.


Easy to read reports and graphs help you understand your current status, what your priorities are, and where you need to focus your attention amidst competing priorities. Allows you to see your project visually.

The Fine Print

* Here‘s the fine print: $149 unlocks all project phases for 18 months. Extensions are available if needed. Most planters complete their projects in the original 18 months.

Usage of PlanterPlan™ is contingent upon your agreement to our terms and conditions.

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